Friday, 27 November 2009

Zandra Rhodes for UCA Chancellor

Being part of University for the Creative Arts, I am delighted to hear that Zandra Rhodes has been appointed as Chancellor for the University.

The world-renowned fashion designer, born in Chatham, Kent, is one of the many famous names to have studied at one of the University's founder colleges; during her time, the Medway College of Art.

Zandra says: "My years at Medway College of Art were my formative years and shaped me into what I am today. The caring, dedicated staff guided and nurtured me. My mother also taught draping and dress making at the Medway college. I learned the basics that have carried me through the rest of my life and career: Drawing, sketching, lithography, screen printing, linocutting, all the practical basics.

"I feel very honoured to have been chosen to be the first Chancellor for the University and will endeavor to be inspirational to the students with some emphasis on the old values that I was trained with."

Through this role, Zandra will be representing the University. She will preside at the graduation ceremonies, with the power to award degrees. Not only will this create additional exposure for the University, this shows the level of success some can achieve through their courses.

So how exciting is this new for the potential UCA graduates! I am surely looking forward to my graduation in 2011 now!

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