Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Alexander McQueen's Last Personal Collection

The last collection designed by Alexander McQueen before his death was shown in a Parisian salon to a soundtrack of operatic music earlier today. Models walked slowly and respectfully, showcasing the 16 luxurious creations by the remarkable designer.

Models' heads bandaged and moulded with leaf or feathered mohicans that were sprayed stiff with gold and black paint. Their bodies sculptured in red or nude, gold embroidered jacquards, as their short skirts gather like a curtain surround their hips.

Stiff drapes form frock coats, as definite pleats and trumpet sleeves blossom around the shoulders. Every garment well crafted and entirely unique, and yet again McQueen blows us away with his imagination during fashion week.

“All the patterns in this collection were cut on the stand by Lee Alexander McQueen,” VOGUE.com was told.

As the show ends with the words - “Each piece is unique, as was he.”

It's so sad to see such talent disappear off the fashion radar so instantly - but let's hope the label lives on.

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