Friday, 7 May 2010

ASOS Plans Green Move

Earlier this week ASOS announced plans that it will launch an online marketplace later this year for customers to buy recyclable clothes to encourage customers to shop in a more environmentally friendly way. This gives customers an opportunity to trade in their own clothes through a virtual online marketplace.

Goods will be of a fixed price rather than determined by an auction. Advice will be given from ASOS on how to display items to maximise selling potential.

The concept is set to offer both individual and corporate customers an additional channel to sell their fashion merchandise in a sustainable and ethical environment. The marketplace will also be accessible to independent retailers and designers and provide larger companies another way to sell their goods or to market excess stock, all in which will minimize waste.

These clothes may be sitting at the bottom of your wardrobe, so why not give them a better home to someone who desires what you no longer want! Great plan.

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