Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Lily Allen Goes Coco

Karl Lagerfeld designed a new casual yet sleek line of handbags for Chanel this autumn/winter 09 /10 naming it 'Coco Cocoon.' Some of the nylon and lambskin bags are reversible, revealing the signature quilting that Chanel is recognised for. Whether you've heard it or not, Lily Allen is now the face of this collection which launched at the beginning of this month.

At first, I didn't think Lily would be right for the brand, but having seen the advertisements, Karl Lagerfeld's selection is growing on me.

'I love Lily Allen.' he says. 'She looks a lot like Gabrielle Chanel and she is a self-made women. She is cool, young and extremely witty. Photographing her for this advertising campaign was fantastic fun. She is extremely inspiring and is completely taken with the bags - with her typical English casualness.'

When we talk about Chanel, we think the brand is targeting an upper class women with a well paid job. That's right, but what Lagerfeld is intending to do, is to broaden his target market by attracting younger women. Lily will help create more exposure, hoping to interest a younger market, such as females as young as her and her fans. Her fresh face channels the youthfulness and essence of this collection. As much as we would all love a Chanel handbag, it's not as if we can all afford one now.

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