Wednesday, 14 October 2009

This Week's Best Dressed is....

Love her or hate her - Cheryl Cole has been named as one of this week's best dressed. Having seen her all over the media since she was young, Cheryl has changed dramatically.

Raised up in a rough council estate in Newcastle, the young girls life was about to change as she auditioned for Popstars: The Rivals. Her talent made her status grow as she and fellow finalists formed successful pop group Girls Aloud. Now with a main role in the X Factor and also a debut single, 'Fight for This Love' as a solo artist, not only has she caught our eyes on television, her style has done so too.

Being such a huge celebrity, always spoken about in magazines about what she wears, you would have thought she had a stylist behind it all - but she doesn't! Cheryl must clearly keep her eyes open for all the seasons trends and obviously knows exactly what works together. It's great to see someone who is able to do that. Surely this is when you can give someone personally the 'best dressed' status.

On the other hand, we see stars such as Emma Watson, who is constantly being praised for her style, when really she has a personal stylist behind it all. Whether its thumbs up or down, its all up to the stylist. So surely it should be, 'this week's best stylist is..'

Whether its good or bad fashion, I suppose celebrities would take all the credit! But did you know, not everything worn by these celebs have been brought by themselves? In many cases, they were given to them free from brands who want to be associated with them. Really, they should pay for the clothes like we all do, simply because they can afford it!

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